General information for students

The general information we include on this page for students will help beginning students (and their parents) become comfortable with things they see and hear during Taekwondo class. Please ask your instructors if you need any additional help with the information provided below.

How to Tie your belt

Meaning of the Belt tips

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General Information - Tie Belt for Students
General Information - Belt tips for students
Each belt tip signifies that the student has reached the level of understanding necessary to proceed to the belt promotion test for that particular technique. Each technique is evaluated during the belt promotion test.

Red Tip: Kicking Combination
Yellow Tip: One-Step Sparring
Green Tip: Form
Black Tip: Breaking
Blue Tip: Sparring


1 : one: hanah : il
2 : two : dool: ee
3 : three: set : sahm
4 : four: net : sah
5 : five: dasot : oh
6 : six: yasot : ryook
7 : seven: ilgop : chil
8 : eight: yadol : pal
9 : nine: ahop : koo
10 : ten: yool : ship